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What is your opinion about us?

Since 2021, we have implemented our new business plan, ‘Fundamentally involved’. In it, we describe what we intend to do for our clients and how we achieve these plans with our collaborative partners. We wish to do this as best we can. That’s why we believe it is important to find out what clients and partners think about us.

We will contact clients and partners shortly about how they view us
Are you our client? Or do you work with us? Then we would like to know what you think about our organisation. We also look forward to hearing what you think our activities involve. What do you know about us, and how do you feel about our activities?

We have asked an independent research company, Enneüs, to conduct this survey. We will use the results to further tune our activities to your expectations. In the fall, we will share the main research conclusions.

You will be invited to participate in our survey soon
The survey will be conducted anonymously. The research company guarantees your privacy; the answers to our questions cannot be retraced to individual participants. Naturally, participation is entirely voluntary.

Win a gliding flight!
All survey participants have a chance of winning a flight in a glider, which will be launched from Aero Club Salland in Lemelerveld. We will raffle multiple gift vouchers among the participants.

Do you have a question about the survey?
The research company can answer any question you might have about the survey. In the invitation, you will read how to contact them.